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Common Event Questions

Q: I am in a location that has capacity restrictions. Can I limit spectators to keep my numbers down without violating SafeSport?
A: When hosting a sanctioned event where state or local ordinances prohibit spectator viewing, Safe Sport policy is maintained by assuring all athletes remain in an open and interruptible environment and are supervised by their coaching staff. Meet directors may limit spectator viewing for the purposes of social distancing and when required by state or local regulations. Meet directors are expected to communicate all restrictions clearly to all parents and are encouraged to seek creative solutions for parental viewing such as, Q: Should I allow alternative face coverings at my event?
A: USA Gymnastics recommends and highly encourages the use of facial coverings. Click here for CDC considerations for wearing a mask.

Q: What should a club and/or meet director do if they become aware that there was potential exposure of COVID-19 at a sanctioned event?
A: Clubs and/or meet directors who become aware of a possible COVID-19 exposure should report to their local health department to seek guidance on if/how to conduct any contact tracing related to the incident. Additionally, the gym should notify the meet director that there was a potential exposure at the meet and the meet director should notify participants.
*Per the CDC, exposure is considered within 6 feet of an individual for more than 15 minutes total. Meet Directors and Club Owners who implement, monitor and enforce proper physical distancing protocol reduce the risk of exposure in their facilities and events.

Virtual Sanction FAQ
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