According to the FIG Statutes, all participation in foreign gymnastics events must be approved by the federations involved. If a club in a foreign country is hosting a competition and would like to have officials from the U.S. judge at the Jr. Olympic levels, that foreign club must submit a request to their federation, who then communicates with USA Gymnastics – Connie Maloney to secure officials. The request may be for specific individuals that may be known to the host organization, or it could be simply a request for a certain number of judges living in a certain area to keep the travel costs down.

Connie Maloney, on behalf of USA Gymnastics and the foreign host club, will officially invite the judges, assuming they have a current rating and USA Gymnastics Professional Membership, and send their contact information to the foreign federation, who then forwards it to the foreign club host. At that point, the host organization may directly contact our judges to confirm travel arrangements, etc..

It is IMPERATIVE that all U.S. judges are aware of these procedures and that if approached directly by a representative of a foreign club (perhaps someone they already know), they must indicate that they cannot accept any invitation unless it goes through both federations. Judges need to be aware that participating in a foreign gymnastics event without the knowledge and approval of the federations involved is contrary to FIG statutes and they could face sanctions from USA Gymnastics. Our judges also must be aware that meets outside of the United States, even if hosted by a U.S. Club, cannot be sanctioned by USA Gymnastics; therefore, there is no insurance coverage provided by USA Gymnastics for these officials.

These rules not only serve as an FIG directive, but they also enable the federations involved to be aware of when such international exchanges are occurring so that if an international incident or crisis should take place, they would be pro-active in the resolution of such problems.

USA Gymnastics appreciates the full cooperation of all officials in these matters.