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Virtual Sanctions
Virtual Sanction Playbooks/Rules & Policies
USA Gymnastics Virtual Competition Learning Series
Events to sanction
USA Gymnastics, as the governing body for the sport in the United States, is responsible for the granting of sanctions for those events, as defined in the USA Gymnastics Sanctioning Policies & Procedures. Refer to your respective discipline’s Virtual Sanction Playbook for the types of meets that can be virtually sanctioned.

Once a sanction has been granted, the appropriate USA Gymnastics Rules and Policies and Virtual Sanction Playbook must be followed. For sanctions with athlete participation, all participating athletes, coaches, judges and meet directors must be members of USA Gymnastics. For sanctions without athlete participation (i.e. judging exams), membership is not required.

A non-USA Gymnastics sanctioned event may not be conducted concurrently with a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event.

Secondary insurance coverage is provided for all USA Gymnastics members participating in a sanctioned event.
Who can apply for a sanction?
It is the Meet Director’s responsibility to secure an event sanction for all USA Gymnastics sponsored events/competitions.

Meet Directors must be an active USA Gymnastics Professional member in the discipline for which they are applying for sanction. Please note, that meet directors for women and acrobatic sanctioned events, must also complete a Meet Director certification exam to be eligible to host a meet. Meet Directors must be affiliated with an active Member Club, University, Event Production or Judging Association.