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Safe Sport Recommendations for Online Coaching

USA Gymnastics understands that during these unprecedented times many coaches and athletes wish to continue training as much as possible, while moving to an online coaching model. Below are helpful tips to remain compliant with USA Gymnastics Sport policy.

Recommendations to Remain Open and Interruptible:
  • Professional members participating in online coaching with minor athletes should seek to follow online standards of privacy and professionalism used in other youth serving organizations such as a school system.
  • All communication with minor athletes must remain professional in nature.
  • Any platform chosen for online learning should be approved by the management of the individual gym, and accessible to all parties – including the parents of minor athletes.
  • Workout session schedules should be presented to all team members, parents and other coaches and strictly followed.
  • Be mindful that many of the poses, exercises and positions inherent in gymnastics can appear exaggerated when presented online through a private camera. Training sessions should consider methods for preventing positions that may be compromising.
  • Involve as many athletes as possible during each session.
  • Online sessions must occur in common areas, such as a living room or back yard - never in a bedroom, bathroom, or other private space.
  • Attire should be the same as if the session were occurring in the gym environment.
  • Parents and guardians may ask your club to stop any communication – any such request must be honored immediately without repercussion.
Additionally, private messages, one on one texting, or otherwise preventing the parent, other coaches or other athletes from participating is against Safe Sport policy. The social media policy regarding interactions with minor athletes remains in effect.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Safe Sport Department at