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U201: USA Gymnastics Concussion Education

Course Description

This course provides information on sports concussion in gymnastics. The USA Gymnastics Sports Concussion Guidelines should serve as a standardized method of assessment to ensure accurate diagnosis and appropriate management for the injured gymnast following a sports concussion.

What Topics are Covered in U201 Concussion Education?
This course covers the recognition, medical diagnosis, and management of gymnasts who sustain a suspected concussion during gymnastics activity. It aims to ensure that athletes with a suspected concussion receive timely and appropriate care and proper management to allow them to return to their sport safely.

What Outcomes can be Expected?
This course meets USA Gymnastics’ annual requirement for concussion training for coaches. It is intended for use by all individuals who interact with gymnasts suspected of sustaining a concussion injury. It is appropriate for all individuals to be aware of proper protocols and management strategies. Individuals may include: the athlete, parents, coaches, officials, and licensed healthcare professionals.

Disclaimer for Online Training
Please note that concussion guidelines may vary from state to state. This education may not meet the requirements of your state. If your state has required concussion education for coaches, please ensure that you complete that required training. This course may not address every possible clinical scenario that can occur during sport-related activities but includes critical elements based on the latest evidence and current expert consensus.


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