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Intermediate Judges Certification (Category 2)

Course Description

This is the second in a series of courses designed to educate and certify judges for the Development Program disciplines of Trampoline (Individual and Synchronized), Tumbling and Double Mini Trampoline. Upon successful completion of each discipline specific course, judges will be certified with a Category 2 rating. Category 2 judges are permitted to judge in all positions within the Development Program levels 1-Open for the discipline tested.

Each course consists of a lecture session with clarifications, and a practice judging session. The exams consist of an open book written exam and an onsite practical exam that features execution, writing shorthand for difficulty in real time, calculation of routine difficulty values, as well as being able to recognize and apply the calls that either the Difficulty Judge or Chair of the Judges' Panel makes. All parts of the exam will be timed, including 45 minutes allowed at the end of the course to finish. Individuals must attend the course and pass the written exam and all sections of the practical exams with 80% accuracy.

Requirements to participate in the Category 2 Judges Course:
  1. Have a previous Category 3 rating with experience judging a minimum of 2 assignments.
  2. Online registration and payment, or onsite registration, payment plus late fee.
  3. Current Development Program Code of Points & Guide to Judging
  4. T&T Rules and Policies (online access)
Participants must have an advanced knowledge of all documents listed above and must be able to make appropriate calls based upon this knowledge. Participants are required to recognize and independently write shorthand for elements in real time, as well as calculating difficulty for elements and routines performed at the Development Program levels 8-Open.

How to best prepare for a Category 2 exam: Category 2: Preparation for intermediate judges


  • $45 each discipline course for USA Gymnastics Members and Non-Member (age 15 or older)
  • There is an additional $5 fee for registering onsite.

This is a live course!


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You must be at least 14 years of age to take this course.

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