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T500's: Various Trampoline & Tumbling Lectures

Course Description
    T500's Various Trampoline & Tumbling lectures are one hour lectures that are offered throughout the US at various locations. (often coordinated with Trampoline & Tumbling Competitions). Lectures are selected from the following list. Specific titles and lecture offerings are available by viewing the "Live Course schedule."

      Preschool Trampoline & Tumbling
      This lecture offers information on fundamental movements for Trampoline and Tumbling, class safety overview, games, activities to avoid, and lesson planning for Preschool aged trampoline classes.

      Developing a Daily Training Plan
      This lecture focuses on developing daily training plans. Daily training plans are the foundation to effective workouts. Planning daily training, so that the athletes grow stronger and use proper technique as they continue improve, will be covered throughout this course. This course is a seminar class offered live.

      Trampoline & Tumbling Developmental Pipeline

      Motivating Athletes for Daily Training
      This lecture offers ways to keep athletes engaged in training. The course looks at different techniques for getting athletes excited about daily training.

      100 Things to do before you flip
      This lecture looks at the essentials for flipping and breaks it down to provide coaches with ways to instruct athletes in the basics. The course will cover the necessities for building a strong technical foundation for any athlete.

      100 Things to do after you flip
      This lecture looks at what things are helpful for post-flipping. The course covers follow-through ideas to help evaluate and improve upon skills.

      Dynamic Warm Up
      This lecture presents different ways for warming up that are fun and effective.

      Trampoline & Tumbling Your Key to Growth and Retention

      How to start a trampoline & tumbling program
      This lecture provides a guide for one who would like to include Trampoline & Tumbling in a gym's available programs.

      Double Mini Trampoline Progressions
      This lecture focuses on developing the training methods necessary for athletes to build on skills, specifically utilizing the double mini trampoline. The material of this course strengthens the coach's skills in order for them to best assist the athletes in continual development properly executed skills.

      Workout Strategies for Long Term Success
      This lecture focuses on the details of the daily training for preparing athletes and coaches for long-term success.

      Double Mini-Training for Success
      This lecture looks at different training techniques utilizing the double mini.

      Gymnastics Physics made easy 10 simple rules to learn
      This course presents 10 rules of physics that, once learned, will help coaches recognize typical mistakes that are often overlooked and communicate ways to solve them with "Gymnastics Physics."

      X- Factor in Tumbling
      This lecture will help coaches identify and teach the "X-Factor" for tumbling that will surely assist one's athletes in reaching the next level.

      Double Time- Progressions for easy learning

      The takeoff position your key to altitude/amplitude
      This lecture takes a thorough look at the importance of a proper take-off position and how to teach one.

      Spotting techniques for trampoline
      This lecture provides hands-on teaching for coaches, in order for one to learn proper spotting technique for trampoline skills. The course is taught live and be prepared to have a hands-on learning experience.

      Techniques for high bouncing
      This lecture presents helpful techniques for developing the ability for high bouncing.

      Tumbling Progressions Skills & Routines
      This lecture focuses on different ways of working towards excellent routines with progressions and skills.

      Using Periodization in your training

      Ready to Fly? Time for a Trampoline & Tumbling Team
      This lecture presents the necessary information for starting a Trampoline and Tumbling team at one's gym

      Trampoline Progressions for Multiple twisting flips
      This lecture provides coaches with skill progressions on the trampoline to aid athletes in achieving technically sound multiple-twisting flips.

      Building an Optional Routine
      This lecture looks at what makes an excellent optional routine and breaks-down way in which one may do so for his/her athletes.

      Training Elite level skills
      This lecture teaches tips and techniques for Trampoline and Tumbling Elite level skills.

      CORE Stability

      Technique Hands on Spotting for Trampoline, Double Mini & Tumbling

      Drills for Building Junior Olympic Skills

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T500's: Various Trampoline and Tumbling Lectures are elective courses for the School of Competitive Gymnastics: Trampoline and Tumbling within USA Gymnastics University.

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