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T210 Trampoline & Tumbling Annual Update

Course Description

The T210 webinar and test can now be accessed by clicking on the "Add Course to Cart" button. To review the Annual Update PDF of Recorded Webinar prior to taking the exam, please click on the links below, in the 'Course Information' section. We suggest printing the pdf notes using the link below prior to participating in the recorded webinar and using these notes to assist when taking the exam.

The T210 Trampoline & Tumbling Annual Update, is designed to update both coaches with current rules changes and clarifications for all disciplines within the T&T program.

The course includes clarifications and interpretation of rules within both the Development and Elite Programs.

The focus of this course is to bring conformity to the application of rules and procedures in the competition arena throughout the United States using the USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling Code of Points and the FIG Code of Points.

Successful completion of the course is required for Trampoline & Tumbling competitive coaches and judges who will participate in a sanctioned TT event. For the 2023-2024 season, there will be an exam for coaches, which is free of charge, and nominal fee of $15 for judges.

Course Information

This is a webinar!


Click the button below to register online for the T210C: Trampoline & Tumbling Annual Update - For Coaches or T210J: Trampoline & Tumbling Annual Update - For Judges. You must be logged in to register (username and personal password — which you created).

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  • $0 - complimentary for Competitive Coaches, Athlete (age 15 or older)
  • $15 for Judges

USA Gymnastics University

T210 Trampoline & Tumbling Annual Update is a required course for the School of Judging: Trampoline & Tumbling category rated official and School of Competitive: Trampoline and Tumbling. Expiration 7/31/2024.

Upon completion of the course, members can print out a certificate of course completion on their USA Gymnastics "My Profile" page. Please click on "Course History" to view completion and access a certificate. To print course certificates, individuals must have an active USA Gymnastics membership (Recreational Coach, Competitive Coach, Judge, Owner/Managing Director, or Athlete).