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R204 - GymCert Level 2

Course Description

The R204 Level 2 Gymnastics Coaching Course builds on and or develops progressions from R104 Level 1 skills which are reviewed in detail in our Level 2 Course. Specifically it includes safety awareness information, coaching skills as they pertain to the Women's Artistic Level 2, progression charts, lesson plans, accountability charts, skill evaluation forms, legal responsibilities, glossary of terms and much much more!
*Please note the R204 level 2 course does not align with the Junior Olympic level program.

Some skills that are addressed include:

Vaults for side horse/ Trapezoid


  • Pullover: Variations and progressions
  • Back Hip Circle
  • Casting: Variations
  • Leg Cuts
  • Mill Circle
  • Glides/Swings: Variations

  • Travelling the length of the beam: variations
  • Jumps: variations
  • Turns: variations
  • Mounts
  • Waves
  • Rolls
  • Cartwheels
Floor Exercise:
  • Inverted Skills: handstands, headstands and variations
  • Backward Roll/Extension
  • Round off
  • Front limber
  • Back walkover
  • Dance Drills
  • Combination of skill

In addition to these topics, trampoline, body positions and warm ups will be addressed.

This content is intended to educate a coach who work with advanced beginner/ intermediate recreational gymnasts.

R204 GymCert Level 2 is offered online as part of a three part recreational series.

The course will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

Practice exams will be provided that allow you to sample the testing format before taking your final exam. True/False and Multiple Choice are the exam format. At the end of the course, participants will be required to take an exam. Users must pass the 65 question exam at 90% or better and have 5 attempts in which to do so.

This is an online course!

Online courses are a great way to complete courses on your own time and on your own schedule.


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Fees & Policies

  • $39 for USA Gymnastics Members:
    Recreational Coach, Competitive Coach, Owner/Managing Director, Judge, Meet Director, Athlete (age 14 and older)
  • $54 for Non-Members (note: certificates are unavailable to Non-Members)
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Additional Course Information

For assistance with the course - login, navigation, technical assistance, test reset, or other needs, please contact GymCert at

Additional Resources: Please visit the USA gymnastics online store for an opportunity to purchase "Gym Cert Level 2 Coaches Certification Manual" and additional level manuals. This resource compliments material presented in the R204 GymCert Level 2 Course.

USA Gymnastics University

The R204 GymCert Level 2 course is an elective course in the School of Recreation within the USA Gymnastics University.

Upon completion of the course, all participants can access a GymCert Certificate. Members can print out a USA Gymnastics certificate of course completion on their USA Gymnastics "My Profile" page.Note: Allow 2 weeks for the certificate to become available once course has been completed.

Individuals must register for this course through USA Gymnastics in order to receive University credit for the course.