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J401 – 2024-26 Level 9 Educational Course/Study Materials

Course Description

Educational Online course
The J401 Level 9 Educational Course / Study Materials is designed to assist individuals in gaining knowledge of the Level 9 program, to assist judges who wish to use it as a study component in preparation for the Level 9 exam or as a review prior to judging, and for individuals using it as continued professional education (CPE).

Included in this Course are:
  1. Theoretical Study materials
    1. Introduction pages for each Event
    2. Theoretical Practice Exam
    3. Start Value / Up to the Level of Competition Composition Calculation Worksheets
  2. Specific Element Evaluations with video and deductions
  3. Practice Judging Routines with scripted deductions
  4. Appendix items (be sure to refer to the Appendix items posted on the website for further updates).


The J401 Level Educational Course/Study Materials course fee is $50.00 for Members and $75.00 for Non-members.

USA Gymnastics University

The J401 2024-26 Level 9 Educational Course/Study Materials will provide you with 10 CPE Clinic Hours. Only up to half of the required CPE Clinic hours may come from USAG University Courses or "live" CPE-Approved Virtual courses/clinics; the remainder must come from In-person CPE-Approved clinics. Excess hours from USAG University or "live" virtual courses/clinics may be used as "Miscellaneous" CPE hours.

Upon completion of this course (there is no score requirement), Judge members can print out a certificate of J401 Course completion on their USA Gymnastics "My Profile" page under Course History. This certificate can be used as necessary documentation for proof of CPE Clinic credit. To print course certificates, individuals must have an active USA Gymnastics membership (Recreational Coach, Competitive Coach, Judge, Owner/Managing Director, or Athlete).

This is an online course!

This Online Educational course gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge of Level 9 rules and study/review the materials on your own schedule at your own pace in any order you wish. It is suggested that you first review and/or print the revised pages posted in August 2023 (Optionals Updates) to assist in the completion of the course components.


Your registration for the Level 9 course will provide you access throughout 2024–2026. The Course will be updated following the May Committee meetings in 2024 and 2025 to use as a review.

Click the button below to register for the J401 Level 9 Educational Course online. You must be logged on to register (username and personal password-which you created). Haven't created a username and password? Click here.