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J110: 2021-26 Xcel Bronze/Silver/Gold Judges' Course

Course Description

Educational Online Course

The J110 Xcel Bronze/Silver/Gold Judges' Course is a requirement for:
  • Non-rated individuals who are preparing for the 2021-26 Xcel Bronze/Silver/Gold Judging exam to earn their Xcel Bronze/Silver/Gold rating.
  • Retired DP (previously known as JO) Level 9 or above rated judges who wish to be "grandfathered" in as an Xcel (all divisions) judge. These individuals will need to complete the Xcel Pre-placement Eligibility application to confirm their eligibility for this Xcel only rating. Click here for Application form.
This Course also serves as a review of the Xcel Bronze/Silver/Gold divisions for those judges who have a current DP rating (L4/5, 6/7/8, 9, 10, National or Brevet) which automatically qualifies them to judge Xcel competitions also (see the current Women's Rules and Policies for specific eligibility).

Included in this Course are five sections: General Information, Bars, Beam, Floor and Vault.
Each event section includes:
  1. A review of the rules, special requirements and deductions
  2. Practice Judging routines for all three divisions, with scripts of deductions
This Online course gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace in any order you wish, although it is recommended to start with General Information, then move to either Bars, Beam or Floor, and then finish with Vault.

This course complements the Xcel Code of Points and Xcel iCode.

This is an online course!

Online courses are a great way to complete courses on your own time and on your own schedule.

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USA Gymnastics University

The J110: 2021-2026 Xcel Bronze/Silver/Gold Judges' Course will provide you with 5 CPE Clinic Hours. Upon completion of the course (there is no score requirement), members can print out a certificate of Course completion on their USA Gymnastics "My Profile" page, under Course History. This certificate can be used in conjunction with your registration confirmation as necessary documentation for proof of CPE Clinic credit. To print course certificates, individuals must have an active USA Gymnastics membership (Recreational Coach, Competitive Coach, Judge, Owner/Managing Director, or Athlete).